Unscented Paraffin Oil

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Unscented Paraffin Oil

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Our Passage Artisan bowls are hand carved from Zericote wood by our Belize Artist. Each piece is hand selected and harvested from the Belize rainforest. Zericote Wood stands out the most from other hardwood because of its unique grain lines that frequently depict spider webbing, marble swirls and other exotic patterns. The heartwood is of a reddish brown with irregular chocolate or black streaks that tend to form abstract art within itself which contrast nicely with the sapwood creating a visual impact of your piece.

Zericote grows in the Northern low lands of Belize. It is a rare exotic hardwood and harvested from swaps where it is dried out. It has natural raw edges and holes which makes each piece one of a kind. After it is clean it is carved accordingly to the natural shape. Each piece is very unique.

All Zericote bowls are carved with a chainsaw, different chisels, we also use 4 to 5 different grades of sandpaper and between each grade of manual sanding we apply sanding sealer to seal the pores of the wood properly. To maintain an exotic wood like this, for display you can simply apply a thin coat of linseed oil and if you do decide to use you bowl for food firstly hand was with a little bit of mild soap, rinse off and hand dry with a cotton cloth. Applied a thin coat of vegetable oil (coconut, olive oil) with a brush or a cloth once or twice a year. The oil will darken the wood, highlighting the grain and beauty of the wood.


  • 32 ounces clear unscented Paraffin Oil
  • Length, Width = 3", 3"
  • Height = 12"